Webinar Series: Using Data for Improving Performance

Water and Sanitation service providers today face significant operational challenges, demands for their services are increasing, yet at the same time performance improvements are often limited by major gaps in financing. There are opportunities for improvements that are available at no or little cost – but to identify and implement those will depend on proactive use of data on performance and management practices. The International Benchmarking Network for Water and Sanitation (IBNET) is looking to open such opportunities for performance improvements – and therefore a broad re-design of the data platform and the associated partnership has been launched.


  • Teodor Popa Financial Manager, APA Brasov Romania
  • Priscillah Olouch Head of Programs, Malindi Water & Sewerage Company Ltd. Kenya
  • Gonzalo Meschengiser Manager of International Relations, AySA, Argentina
  • Regulator National Water & Sanitation Council (NWSC), Zambia

Join New IBNET on Tuesdav, December 21 at 9:00 am EST/3 pm CET/SAST4 pm to discuss with leaders in water and sanitation real-life experiences on:

  • How to improve performance based on data-driven decision making
  • Lessons from Kenya, Mexico and Argentina, Romania, and Zambia
  • How NEW IBNET can be of help to your organization