Frequently Asked Questions

What is new with New IBNET or IBNET 2.0?

  1. Management Practices – Seven practices assessed through 23 questions on business practices for water and sanitation service providers
  2. Online Dashboards – interactive graphs to visualize data using filters and others
  3. Online data collection – an easy-to-use platform to upload data which will include consistency checks for enhanced data quality. This is limited to the utilities that become members of IBNET
  4. Focused key performance indicators (KPIs) – a comprehensive list of most collected KPIs in the water and sanitation sector
  5. Community of Learning – a space for water and sanitation professionals to connect and learn from each other

What are the benefits of IBNET membership?

An IBNET membership allows you to share your data, access data on utility performance, management practices, and water tariffs from across the world. Additionally, you can else connect and learn from a community of water sector professionals who face similar challenges as you.

Who can become a member?

Anyone working in the water and sanitation sector is eligible to become a member. This includes professionals working with water and sanitation service providers, water regulatory bodies, nonprofit organizations, international agencies, academia, etc.

Does this mean IBNET 1.0 will no longer be accessible?

No, you will still be able to use the database from IBNET 1.0 with all its data

What if I want to see tariffs?

All the current tariffs can be accessed using the Tariffs Dashboard

I work at a utility; do I need a log-in to view Utility data?

Yes, you can sign up for free and access the Utility Dashboard

Is my data protected?

Yes, all data uploaded on the IBNET platform is secure and governed by the IBNET Data Privacy Policy. You can read more about our privacy policy by clicking here.

I would like to connect with others using New IBNET, what should I do?

You can join the IBNET Community of Practice by clicking here.

I have some feedback, or I have a question that is not answered here. How can I contact the IBNET team?

You can email us at