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for water

and Sanitation Utilities

We are moving from a survey to a data service that enables utilities and regulators to make better decisions based on data


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The New International Benchmarking Network for Water and Sanitation Services (New IBNet) is currently being designed to become an independent global information system and partnership. New IBNet will invite utilities and other service providers, regulators and researchers, to systematically share data on service delivery performance and on management practices. Based on such data, New IBNet will offer analyses and other data-based services that will allow IBNET members – water and sanitation service providers, regulators, and others – to take informed decision, including on management action and on investments, and thus to improve their performance.

IBNET today already is the leading global database for water and sanitation utilities. Originally established by the World Bank in 1994

The database comprises information
on 5.000

After over 25 years of operations, IBNET is now being re-designed for broader coverage and a more collaborative approach to data mobilization and use.

For utilities:
Get access to data-driven information packages, individualized analyses of comparative performance, and predictors of service improvement
For regulators:
Get Access to  data-driven information packages, including interactively maneuverable country dashboards and related descriptive and predictive analyses that help you understand and track the performance of your countries’ utilities
For development planners:
Share your research across the Network of other planners and researchers and the utilities and regulators
Vision Vision

NEW IBNET will be
a community of water

and sanitation service providers and regulators united in their interest to take informed decisions towards improving service delivery.

New IBNet will facilitate such decision making by offering interactive performance charts, overviews that link management practices to delivery outcomes, and data services that look to confirm data cohesiveness and allow for simulating future outcomes. New IBNet members and partners, in turn, provide data and information on their performance and management practices.

New IBNet
will earn its data
by offering
services to
its core user

Utilities and other Water&Sanitation Service Providers:

Upon sharing data on [15] key performance dimensions and/or on [10] management practices, water services providers will receive various data-driven information packages, including but not limited to a confirmation of their data set’s cohesion, individualized analyses of comparative performance and AI-powered predictors of service improvements. Further benefits will also include a global matching service (“which service providers is like us …. and why”), access to dedicated knowledge sharing and learning community events, and, as appropriate, customized support and coaching for business self-assessment and improvement.

Water Regulators:

Upon agreeing with New IBNET on formats for data access and data sharing, Regulators will receive, and be able to access, various data-driven information packages, including interactively maneuverable country dash-boards and related descriptive and predictive analyses that allow Regulators to understand and track the performance of their countries’ utilities. Further benefits also include information in regard to global matching services and access to dedicated knowledge sharing and learning community events, jointly with likeminded Regulators. Access to uniquely insightful country dash-boards will allow understanding, tracking, and comparing the performance of a country’s portfolio of service providers across time and in relation to other countries.

Development Planners, Researchers and Observers of Water and Sanitation Provision:

Upon joining New IBNET, development planners, researchers and observers will have the opportunity to share their research and interest across the Network of other planners and researchers and the utilities and regulators themselves.

Theory of Change – NewIBNet redesign is based on a tentatively developed “Theory of Change”. .

Before the redesign is being implemented, NewIBNet is reaching out to its stakeholders among service providers, regulators and development planners and researchers to examine the underlying assumptions, interrogate the realism of the projected changes, and strengthen the overall narrative underpinning the Redesign.


Stakeholder Partnership

Communication and Data Service


Short Survey & Data Services

Longer/Other Data Collection through IBNET Platform

Intern Outcome

Behavior Change

Motivation and Capacity, Opportunity


Investments made as indicated by data and relevant analyses lead to improvements in utility performance


Improved Water and Sanitation Services