New IBNET beta-testing to begin in November, 2022

New IBNET beta testing to being in November 2022

If you are a manager at a Water and Sanitation Utility, you know how powerful it is to have performance insights on your organization. Data on performance empowers organizations to take the necessary steps for taking organization to the next level. Only 15% of water utilities in developing countries are financially viable. Better data can help utilities become more effective.

Data is part of the solution

Every organization produces a large number of data points, but many lack the technological capabilities of putting that data to work. Adoption of online tools can help water utilities increase operating efficiencies, make important management decisions, and see where further investments are needed.

Adoption of new data tool is not only helpful for utilities but for customers as well. Performance tracking allows organizations to have a holistic view of the successes and the areas that need further improvement. Water and sanitation utilities should also aim to standardize and automate procedures wherever needed.

New IBNET relaunch

IBNET has been around for the past 24 years and is the leading source of performance data on water and sanitation utilities across the world. The project has recently gone through a re-design phase is being launched as New IBNET.

A select group of water and sanitation utilities will be invited to join the New IBNET beta-testing to test the new functionality being offered by the platform. To become a part of this initiative, you can email us at




New IBNET beta-testing to begin on September 1, 2022