From Kigali to Toronto: NewIBNET Data Pioneers are traveling around the world

The simplest way for an informative webinar on the pains and gains of benchmarking in water and wastewater utilities: Invite the five awardees of the IWA/NewIBNET 2023 Initiative and ask them about their honest opinion as utility professionals. Read now about the personal insights from a user perspective about our benchmarking tool and connection platform that were shared at the Webinar “Being a Utility Data Champion at the IWA Congress in Kigali – What it meant for us and looking ahead to Toronto!” on Feb 19th.   

Becoming a 2024 Data Pioneer in Water Utilities: A Gateway to Innovation and Progress

In the realm of water and sanitation utilities, the journey towards progress is paved with data. The 2024 Data Pioneers in Water Utilities - Learning at Toronto Edition, an Initiative from New International Benchmarking Network (NewIBNET) and the International Water Association (IWA), is calling upon utilities to submit their data on performance and management practices.